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weekend wanders

After traipsing around the country during the week I managed to stay close to home during the weekend but there was still much fun to be had.
Saturday was the Alt.fiction/Writing East Midlands/Tor UK event – Other Worlds at the Derby Quad. There were fewer people than I was expecting and yet because everyone was so friendly there I still managed to meet lovely new friends as well as catching up with people. It was really well organised and there were many interesting discussions as well as good-humoured squabbles over whether science fiction or fantasy is better (the latter, obviously). The Tor authors were great and it was fab listening to them via workshop, panels and discussions. At the end of the day I won a fantastic raffle prize from Tor after it had been (uber-generously) returned to the pot once before. I have a year of Tor books to read which I am super excited about so a very very big thank-you to Tor!

Sunday has been about Autumn. I’ve been working on some new pieces to pop onto Etsy (including the Venetian blue necklace in the picture) which always seems to be a big deal in the run up to the holidays. Jewellery sales have a boost twice a year, once is near Valentines Day and the other is around Christmas. Commercial – yes. Hallmark rather than real holidays – yes. Good for business – yes!

I had a good potter about in the garden as well trying to see how the plants are faring and what the remaining veg is getting up to.

Mostly this afternoon I have been driving around the South Derbyshire countryside, which is my favourite place to be when the leaves are turning.



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