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Too Many Cookies.

No, really. I’ve read almost a hundred cookie recipes today (I know, the best possible use of my time) trying to find something like the recipe I want.
I know which ingredients it needs to have but I want a base recipe for amounts and rough oven timing before I start playing. I can’t find ANYTHING suitable.

Very good but a double-choc and not quite right yet.

Here’s the kicker – it absolutely has to be a crunchy biscuit. I despise chewy choc-chip cookies, they give me uncontrollable rage. It’s so disappointing buying a cookie/biscuit and that first split second when you bite in and there’s no crunch – aaagh.
I went to school in the very centre of Leicester and when people used to bring Millie’s Cookies back I couldn’t even bear that horrid artificial smell. I am indeed a cookie snob.
It has to have flour, sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla, oatmeal, huge amounts of dark chocolate chips, no cocoa, preferably some golden syrup, possibly either eggs or butter but definitely not both, bi-carb or baking powder, coconut and treacle.

Situation so bad I don’t even have two picture of cookies yet

Any suggestions? Secret family recipes you can tease me with or at least give hints about? Non-secret family recipes I can have? Something on the internet/inside my recipe books that I’ve missed?
There’s a lot of great looking US recipes out there but they all seem to be for chewy (rage) cookies.
See this is the frustrating bit because once I have a basic recipe I can start playing around. This is stage one, I have a vaguely okay recipe that is going to be tested tomorrow if I find nothing better before-hand. So if nothing else this is warning for a glut of cookie posts to follow.

Love and calories,

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