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More Random Words

It’s been a little while now since I started collecting three random words from friends and strangers to turn into poetry. The posts are all tagged 3RW and are more-or-less in the order in which I received the ideas.

I am over halfway through my 100 word collection of poems. I have posted more than half of them on here and I have got almost a full set of words to work from.

So really I am in the final push to get some really amazing, weird, quirky, awkward, contentious words to work with for the last few. I’ve been getting loads from over on Etsy which has been fantastic. If I do happen to get a few over 100 I will keep going  – the idea was always to enjoy writing the poems (which I am) and to try and make me a better poet in the process (someone else can be the judge of that one).

Have you spotted the hint? I am hoping for some incredible words. At the moment I am only taking one set of ideas from each person and then when I get to the end I might go over some of the duplicates I have been given and have a go at them. If there’s someone reading this who hasn’t given me words – please do. Also if you know people who you think would be good at this could you please pass it along. Especially if they have slightly weird or warped imagination (yes, my fantasy/sci-fi reading friends I am looking at all of you).

I am accepting ideas here, on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy  – actually any which way that you would like to get in touch.

Thanks everyone – clearly I couldn’t be doing this alone!


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  1. Okay. Three 25-cent “A”s for you: Analepsis, Apotheosis, Apogee.

    • Fabulous words, thank you! As you’ve already done a set for me would you mind awfully if I used your words to write something for a competition that I want to enter? It means I won’t be able to post it on the blog but I’ll send you a copy (should you want to read it) if that’s okay with you?

  2. Absolutely fine by me. I look forward to it.

    I can try and pimp your wordsearch online again, if you like, although it may end up with people you don’t know giving you words…

    • That would be *fantastic*. I know very few of the people who have given me words – although of course it’s more fun when I do know them! Thanks so much.

  3. markchitty

     /  October 14, 2011

    Hey Vick – like this idea, here are my three words: Geek, Interdimensional, Love. Hope you can use them :) Mark

  4. Hi Vick,

    Many thanks for following the blog! This is a grand project – here are my 3 words – the last two can be taken separately, or together, which is the edge of a black hole (you probably know that – apologies if you do…)

    volute, event, horizon


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