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I’ve been busy turning a tree load of bramleys into apple butter this week. If you’re in the US then this probably makes a lot of sense. If you’re in the UK: apple butter is a sharper, less viscous type of apple jam. There is a lot less sugar involved and it is pureed halfway through the proceedings.

Many people use a slow cooker. I don’t. I’m not being snooty about it, I just don’t own a slow cooker. I had to do a jar-count to see how many batches of the stuff I could make. I also decided to do a general round up of preserves while I was about it. It’s coming up to Christmas and I generally give people preserves (they make nice gifts…yes I am also very poor while trying to figure out what my job is going to be!).

The final tally.
Elderflower cordial – 4
Elderberry cordial – 7
Sloe Sherry – 2
Sloe Gin – 3
Rosemary Oil – 2
Chilli Oil – 2
Damson Jelly – 2
Pickled Beans – 3
Winter Chutney – 1
Apple Chutney – 2
Green Tomato Jam – 3
Gooseberry Chutney – 6
Damson Jam – 6
Victoria Plum Chutney – 3
Apple Jelly – 15
Damson Chutney – 7
Mincemeat – 2
Chilli Pepper Jam – 3

And not nearly enough empty jars. I wouldn’t come around to dinner any time soon – you might be forced to eat jam so I get another jar free for this year’s goodies.

And there are currently 6 jars of apple butter with another double batch on the hob as I type.


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