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All Change Part #2

Welcome to Me on WordPress.

This is going to be more of me and less of the business side of things for two reasons. One, I am thinking that I might have a business website separate from the blog. Two, I miss writing things that are just me and I want to keep that away from the business.

So this isn’t going to have much about Etsy on it – I won’t say that there will never be Etsy on here, there probably will be. I am keeping my Blogger site going to put Etsy on but I’m not quite sure how that is going to work yet. Blogger will also still be there as a full archive of my previous blog posts – wordpress only has non-business posts archived here. I’ve spotted a couple of the old blogger posts here that have gone wonky with the change in format and have corrected those but I’m going to focus on putting new posts on here rather than making the blogger ones wordpress friendly. If I come across them I’ll change them as I go along!

I know a lot more of what I don’t want this to be rather than what I do want on here. I think there will be more food and more photographs, more opinions and more travel. There is also more information in the pages at the top. I had something similar on Blogger but I didn’t update it very often and never pointed people there. I am going to try and keep those fresher and will be blogging when there is a lot of new content. There are going to be some cook-book reviews, a few travel stories, a couple of set of pictures, and the rest of the 3RW poems as well.

I don’t want to try and define it any more than that at the moment, I’ll just start putting things up and see where we end up.

Part one of this blog-post if over here: on Blogger where you get a slightly different slant on things.

Vick x

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