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Parcel, Jitterbug, Flight, Monkey.

I had a feeling right at the start that this would happen. I tried really hard to prevent it and I’ve managed quite well up until now. I have forgotten where the inspiration for the first poem came from. I’ve checked on the Etsy forums, tried to scan through Twitter and scoured Facebook. I can’t see it in an email and there is no helpful piece of paper with it written on.
Now I have a game of ‘Is this your poem?’ to play.
The words were ‘parcel, cherub, hand’ and here is the poem:

UPDATE: Chloe (@Shloobee) has identifed herself as the creator. Poem and owner reunited!

“Early Call”
A cherub dressing in morning blue
calls out a warning to each passer
by, on the crinoline street below,
although no one ever looks
whether they hear him or not.
The daily parcel of letters are
delivered late – never of any use
when his voice is lost to
the cobbles in the lanes and the
lamppost that obscures his face
if anyone should happen to
glance up to his window.
He sees everything that is about to happen
just as they wanted him to
a long-lasting torment for a heart
he shouldn’t be able to hold.
His extended hand never able
to stop the everyday disasters
that we all walk into. We
trapped him in a prison of cynicism.

Ali Dufty gave me “float, horizon, jitterbug” to play around with and I ended up with:

Cuban heels running all along
a vertical horizon in barely black
twisting and turning to the
rhythm of a foreign jitterbug
in a frozen dance hall
where every ration is remembered
for all of the people who cannot forget
boundaries that float across
the surface of an unmade world.

Ella Mae from ellamaecrafts gave me “flight, dusk, waters” to write something with

“October Storms”
Hours after dusk
as waters crashed on the wing,
the last flight landed

Ilona Y-C from SlinkiBinki gave me “dog, monkey, banana” to work from:

A banana fell
without a monkey in sight
next to the black dog.

Hopefully one day soon I shall find the owner of the missing poem. For now it belongs to everyone. I hope people like these – and have been able to find them over here on the new blog. My explanation for moving can be seen over here. And all of the 3RW poetry pieces will be over here from now on.


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1 Comment

  1. Chloe Yates

     /  October 18, 2011

    Hello! the “parcel, cherub, hand” was me – I’m Shloobee on Twitter, or Chloe in that thing called real life ;)


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