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On the Subject of Cookbooks

I read a lot of cookery books. I have a fair few but a year or two ago I realised that I owned far too many and a lot of them I had bought for one or two recipes and never looked at the rest of the book. At that point I wandered into the cookery section of the library and found a treasure trove. Now most of the cook books that I read come from the library. I am pretty passionate about using libraries – I have since I was a kid. Actually rather than ranting again, if you are interested in my thoughts on libraries they are over here.
I’m going to put some reviews of cookery books up here and wanted to say a few general notes about how it works for me.

I’m a fussy eater – I don’t like mushrooms, am allergic to duck and bananas, and I always try new fish/seafood when friends have it but I have yet to find any that I like at all. I am also rather sensitive to chilli, gluten and dairy but still eat them.
Despite all of that I am an ardent foodie. I love talking about and reading about food. I cook every day and I bake several times a week.

There are several things that I look for in a cookbook but the main one is inspiration, however ease of use, styling and originality all come into it as well. I actually have a list of ten or eleven things in my head that I automatically go through when I am looking at recipes and cook books. I really like cookbooks with a lot of pictures in them – I would rather have half the number of recipes but be able to see the end product, I find photographs much more engaging.
Most of the books that I am going to talk about are from the library although there will be a couple of my own or borrowed from friends. I will not have bought the majority of them although the ones that I like are being noted down on a big to-buy list. This is one of the best things about taking cookery books out from a library – it means that you can decide which ones you really want to buy and won’t fill your bookshelves with things you’ll never use. I am trying to use pictures of the edition that I have read and some of the pictures are mine and some are media shots.

And finally – my ramblings are just what I think about a particular cook-book, I’m swayed by high quality paper, good writing/biography sections and people using a lot of nutmeg or paprika. So not real reviews as such, just ponderings. About food. And books. Two of my favourite things in the whole world.


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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for subscribing to my blog – I do hope you continue to enjoy it. You sound like you have a very interesting and eclectic life (a little like mine!), am off to have a better look around your blog now. Take care, Tanya

    • Hi Tanya,
      Thanks for the note – hope you enjoyed browsing. I love your blog – the eclectic life is certainly the way to go!
      All the best, Vick.


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