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Chlorine, Magenta, Awkwardness

Time for the next batch of poems. These three seemed to go well together somehow – maybe I was in a similar mood while writing them. More to come soon – hope everyone is still finding the new blog okay!

Alex from ArlenesCards via the Etsy forums has given me “chlorine, night, riot” to work from:

She died quietly with one hand in the water,
her fingers wrinkled to match her blouse
and the scent of chlorine bathed her skin.
The night sky watched this child of the day
not waking, not drowning, never waving, never sleeping.
Time passed and her temperature recorded the hours
until the sun rose and a riot of noise came
as the birds brought in the new.
The house behind her kept her in the shadow,
protecting her from the sun and hiding her from the light.

Jo Payne from HarryandLeeLee on Etsy gave me “turquoise, magenta, mustard” to turn into a poem:

Magenta feathers scattered themselves,
stealing energy from the breeze that snuck in
through the open window.
Fabric rustles and sketches mutter back
as the wind creeps around the green studio.
A host of turquoise sequins roll over
and then again towards the edge of the desk.
Stopped by a ruler, resistant to letting them go.
All unnoticed as he works with two
pieces of mustard-coloured felt.
Pinned, held, adjusted. Measure, measure, cut.
To a design sitting high above the rest.
The breeze comes and goes as it wishes,
he only feels the texture it leaves behind.

WittyHearts on the Etsy forums gave me “smile, awkwardness, hype” to play with:

The music was too loud and
your voice was far too quiet,
I couldn’t decide which I should listen to.
You must have felt the awkwardness
as I nodded in time to the words
but didn’t really listen.
Plates of food came and went while
others acknowledged us with a smile
they knew why we were there.
Looked down upon and pitied
by so many people who couldn’t bear walking
in our shoes. And lacked the imagination
to see we might not want to borrow theirs.
Pushed and nudged trying hard to make us
fall back into their safe lives.
But it’s not the time or place to say aloud
that different can in fact be better.
Honestly has no place when there is
too much hype to live up to.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a great week so far,


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  1. You are amazing! Swim is so hauntingly sad.


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