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My Kitchen

‘My Kitchen’ – James Martin
Collins – 2009
Photography: Jonathan Gregson

This is yet another cookery book organised by seasons – although it starts in Spring unusually. The introduction is a nice and modern approach looking at various reasons why cooking to a specific season is the best way.
I’ve used a lot of James Martin’s recipes in the past, but mostly puddings and that passion shows through in this as well, the best recipes are the desserts. I thoroughly approve and am definitely going to be trying the Pistachio Coffee Cake as well as the Oven Roasted Apricots and Damson Clafoutis. This is not a one trick pony however and there are a lot of very worthy recipes in here. The Potted Salt Beef and the Beef and Shallot hotpot both look wonderful and I think might become regulars at my table. The autumn and winter recipes are much better than the spring and summer ones, in my opinion which is a shame because you are half way into the book before it really gets into its stride. Most of the recipes have easy to find ingredients and are not too chefy for home cooks to get to grips with. He has included a good combination of slow cooking with quick meals.
On the downside there does not seem to be a huge difference between recipes in the different seasons – although the ingredients do vary some of the summer recipes seemed rather heavy and I would have liked to see a little more variety overall.
A nice extra is that there is a supplier list at the back with the index. Well organised and with some real gems but definitely a few filler recipes as well.

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