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New Scottish Cookery

New Scottish CookeryNew Scottish Cookery – Nick Nairn
BBC Books – 2002
Photography: various

I was really interested to see what sort of recipes would be in this book, as I love Scotland and the food from that part of the world is usually full of fresh ingredients and ideas. This is one in a series of New Cookery books from the BBC where they have taken a chef known for a particular area of food and asked them to make a regional cook book. This means that the recipes have often already been published in other books or online.
This book starts off really well with good sections on key Scottish ingredients. It’s concise and well written as well as just being informative. A lot of the recipes are perfectly serviceable recipes but overall I found the whole book quite dull. The recipes did not really grab my attention or inspire me to head to the kitchen, which is what I first look for in a cookery book. The pictures were very blandly styled as well although the quality of photographs was pretty good.
The basics were the best part of the book – some interesting takes and the layout is nice and easy to follow. My favourite recipes were the Braised Root Veg, the Casseroled Lamb with Red Wine and the Clootie Dumpling. The puddings were sadly a real let down especially for someone who loves dessert as much as I do. I think the real disappointment here is the gap between Scottish cooking and how it is shown in the book. The food in Scotland, especially out in the countryside away from major cities is usually of a staggeringly high quality, it is just a shame that this was not reflected in this particular book.

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