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Bubble, Twisting, Pepper, Wooden.

Here is the next batch of poetry for my Three Random Words poetry project.

Jill from JillGriffinBoutique kindly gave me “rainbow, bubble, serenity” on the Etsy forums to work into a poem:
A box of toys tied up with string
and tucked into the corner of an attic.
It lays still until the door closes
and then the memories wake up.
A rainbow topples out, landing
upside down on the floor.
Laughter trapped in bubbles of history
is tucked carefully between
layers of tissue paper –
delicate, bound to tear over time.
The energy has faded to a quiet
serenity of forgotten memories.
Childhood somehow still visible
through the dark and the chaos.

Jacqui from pennyfarthingdesigns has given me “mother, salty, twisting” on the Etsy forums to work from:

“The Stars Above”
They escaped on a small ship
just the two of them
a mother and a daughter –
one to the other.
They were sprayed by the
sea – saturated over time
becoming a part of it all
one and the same.
They had salty hair and sat
twisting it into long plaits
that grew longer with the days
one to the next.

Dianne Sandland has given me “birth, arrow, pepper” to play around with:

“Follow the Sun”
Season to season it changed
marked by the arrow of
geese flying South then North.
A bonfire burns behind the wall
smoke catches in the throat
like sneezing pepper and
warms your clothes as you
pass by the flames.
In the field behind scarecrows
arrive to see the birth of the lambs
new and alive each year.
Measured and counted.

Ali Dufty also gave me “heart, wooden, mellow” to turn into a poem:

Hold a wooden frame
up to a light heart and a
mellow forest grows.

That’s where I’m up to at the moment. We’re on about number 70 now. Hurrah! Still going along quite nicely.


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