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Equilibrium, Pearls, Gloom, Ankle.

Hello and welcome to another 575 batch of poetry from my 3RW collection. It’s been a fun week poetry-wise, I’ve gotten lots done and all of the ideas have been great to work with. Here they are…

Shirley Nelson from artigianajewellery on the Etsy forums gave me “light, equilibrium, joy”:

Not the light or joy
but a devil in Heaven.

I got “balance, pearls, fluffy” to work with from Knitella over on Etsy:

There is no balance,
white and fluffy storm-clouds
just a chain of pearls.

Isobel Morrell from the blog (via Etsy!) gave me “sunshine, gloom, happiness” to play with:

Sunshine disguises
a white gloom of happiness
bottled for summer.

Also from Etsy via the blog Rachel loves Bob gave me “kitchen, ankle, soup” to work from:

Swollen ankles rest
on a kitchen stool while the
morning’s soup bubbles.

I have a bit of time to myself this week so hopefully I should be posting the next batch on Friday. Hope everyone is having a great week so far.


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