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Chef For All Seasons

Chef for all SeasonsChef For All Seasons – Gordon Ramsey
Quadrille – 2000
Photography: Georgia Glynn Smith

I have to admit in the past I have used more of Mrs Ramsey’s recipes than that of her husband and sadly this cookbook did little to change my mind. It is based around the seasons with a nice attitude to how seasonal and local produce can work. Ramsey has also done a great job of highlighting lesser known ingredients that I wouldn’t have automatically thought of for a recipe.
There were quite interesting sections at the start of each season with details on the ingredients for that part of the year. As nice as it was to read they were badly laid out and it just looked like a huge block of text which made it less appealing to read through. The descriptions of a lot of them were also rather floral and over-written. It was good to have the information there to refer back to though especially for lesser known ingredients.
The photography was extremely well done and clean but also very professional looking – not surprising and fitting for the book but I found it intimidating rather than encouraging me to want to give them a go. The text used was also rather small for trying to use in the kitchen.
The winter recipes were easily my favourites – the most accessible as far as I was concerned. The soups were also excellent on the whole and I will be trying a few of those out as the days get colder. I was a bit disappointed by the puddings although the Caramelised Apple Tart stood out as a real winner. Other favourites included the Aubergine and Pepper Soup as well as the Loin of Pork with Choucroute and Mustard Cream Sauce.
On the whole this was too showy for my style of cooking and the seasonal information sections didn’t appeal however there were enough recipes that I did like for me to try out more of Ramsey’s cookbooks in the future to see what else he’s done.

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