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Ginger, Spider, Lenin, Puzzle.

The second batch of poetry this week is rather a mixed bag, again!

Gini on the Etsy Forums gave me “ginger, petite, smiley” to write with:

A petite dancer
twirls through ginger coloured leaves
past a smiley past.

Lesley Watt gave me “spider, cloud, smile” from the Etsy forums

Strings of spider webs
catch a cloud of dew to make
morning nature smile.

Damien Seaman very kindly gave me “Lenin, foam, shashlik” to turn into a poem:

“The Spark”
A politician walks among kin
dragged from their pedestals –
he thinks of returning home.
Train rides across a continent
as international waters froth and foam
with a variety of bubbled blood
from soldier’s churned bodies.
Waves roll with the wheels towards the East,
senses marinating in a union of sights and smells
writing a new history as the small group return
to the land of Persian shashlik and sweet pyrih.
Memories of each banishment enforced
by a hunger. Determined to change,
no matter what.
Reminders of the changes they made are
held in a park built to contain the results of his
history under Lenin’s watchful eyes.
Order leads to utter chaos and too much noise.
Then silence. A minute passes.
Now an aftermath of preservation.

Andria from the Etsy forums gave me “lemons, dangerous, puzzle” to work from

A puzzle of limbs
as sharp as cold sliced lemons –
a dangerous branch.

All done for now. I’ve let myself get a bit behind with these over the past couple of days so lots to be written over the weekend ready for next week.
Happy Friday,

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