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Sheep, Simple, Snuggery, Storm

A few more poems to add to the growing 3RW collection. I’m over three-quarters of the way through now and have long since passed the 100 mark on suggested ideas. Here’s the new batch.

Lerone Stanton from the Etsy forums has given me “sheep, cloud, forgive” which turned into:

Following like sheep
they forgive and pray for rain
on a cloud-less day.

Christine Ashby from Etsy let me have “simple, sigh, sunshine” to use:

A simple crime plays
itself out in the sunshine
with a sigh of pain.

Virginia Water has kindly given me “snuggery, chiffon, orange” to work from:

A dark snuggery
scented with warm spiced orange
and her chiffon dress.

Mike over on the Etsy forums gave me “memories, seaglass, storm” to write with:

“Every Day”
The fog rolled into the cape
diffusing old memories across the shingle.
Her feet pounded on hard sand
as it yielded a little to the
storm of her running –
an escape and a comfort.
She scans the shoreline
reading an unknown meaning
in the stones and seaglass
washed up by the waves
and kept down by her feet.
A rhythm building with her breath
as they catch in cool air
and drift out as the ocean retreats.

That’s all for today. More later on in the week I hope.

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