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Fawn, Obsidian, Bubbles, Dust.

As ever an odd mixture of words and inspirations this week as I hit 90 poems (90!) so here are the next four in the 3RW collection.

Raphaela Cornut from TheWombleQueen gave me “fickle, feather, fawn” to work with and I had a bit of fun with the alliteration going on here.

Four feathers float fast
falling forwards in the fall and
makes a fawn fawn fawn.

This is a slightly more unusual one as the words “concertina, obsidian, parochial” were suggested by my mother this time.

“A History”
The smallest parts form into
a world larger than we can
begin to imagine.
Continents fold in a concertina
pattern back on themselves
founding bridges
as they crash into walls.
Then stretch out on toes
so the seas can creep back
into place, filling the gaps.
The quilt of lava cools fast creating
a knife of volcanic obsidian
handed down from one to the next,
helping to cut through the future.
A parochial past snags onto wire fences
built around newly emerged people
working with fire and water
as earth and air lay forgotten
and the spirit is barely remembered.

Susielaws from the Etsy forums has given me “fairy, bubbles, storm” to write into a poem:

Fairy lights wake up
in the middle of the storm
and the bubbles burst.

Donna Carter
from Etsy gave me “soup, dust, moon” to work with:

She sat completely still
as an earthquakes shook
dust onto the table.
Plates cracked wide open
and soup was spilled
onto the carpeted floor.
The sun was hiding in
black and blue clouds
until the moon came out to
relieve it, release it.
Cold shivers came with
the night. And the next
morning it wouldn’t now
be the same as the stars rose.

That’s the end of the poems for this week. Really – 90 poems. Must admit, I wasn’t sure I would keep going this far at one point but here we go. Hopefully I will get the next ones done soon. After the ‘official’ 100 poems are finished I have another ten or so that people have given me since that I will probably put up as well. And then I need to find a new project. Luckily I think I already know what it is going to be!


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