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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America. I’ve had one thanksgiving while I was in the US and several more faux celebrations in the UK. I like how it has become a time to honestly think about all of the things and people that you are really thankful for. I could go really over the edge and tell you who and what I am thankful for but although this is a personal blog, I think that might be a bit too far! However there is a #trend on Twitter at the moment called #readerthanks where people are thanking authors, books and reading influences.

I grew up in a house full of books with a bibliophile and an English teacher. I was reading classics when I was eight, finished the school library and never went anywhere without a book – in other words, a complete nerd. Too many authors of classics to thank but I do give thanks for all of them as well as my early-age suppliers.

T.H. White – for giving us a book of life and morality that teaches without preaching.

J.K. Rowling – for making it easier when you were the girl always teased about reading too much and living in the library most of the time.

Kenneth Grahame – who opened my imagination and made picnics magical.

Brent Weeks – without the Night Angel trilogy I wouldn’t have started exploring the fantasy genre.

Doris Grumbach – for every challenging word, for every comforting word.

Mark Charan Newton, Ian Whates, Mark Chadbourn and David Moore – who made me feel that is was okay to be ‘just’ a reader at conventions.

Victor Hugo – for the most wonderful stories.

Annie Dillard – who made me love America before I ever got there.

Walt Whitman, Susan Minot, Lawrence Durrell and Lord Byron – for starting and keeping my love of poetry.

Any person who has ever given me a book – the best gift and all treasured.

I am sure there are many more, but I am thankful for all of the books, authors, characters, fellow readers, poems, words and stories.


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  1. You don’t need to be an American or live in America to celebrate a day that we give thanks. I enjoyed the post.


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