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Effervescent, Miasma, Wallpaper, Entwined.

There has been a slight hiatus in posting my poems this week, but with a decent reason attached. I’ve just submitted part of the collection to the 2011 Book and Pamphlet Competition from The Poetry Business so I have been focusing on making sure the poems I have entered were exactly how I wanted them and that I chose the right selection to send. However, here are four new ones that I’ve done this week.

Katy from squeakandpippy on Etsy gave me “squash, sociable, effervescent” to play with:

An effervescent escape
while her personality bubbles
in time to music, unheard
by the sociable whirl of
September beginning to fall.
She leaves the squash of
the dance behind and steps out
into fields and trails that grow up
in front of her pointed shoes.

Shemakesremakes from the Etsy forums has given me “ocean, miasma, breathless” to use:

Hospital corners of starched sheets
tuck in around her elbows
keeping her tied down.
She struggles to turn her head
and see the ocean just outside
but a world kept from her now
in her weaknesses.
All she wants to do is get out
and run until she’s breathless
and dizzy from the mass of sky.
Instead she’s trapped by a miasma
of cascading illness, one following
another and another. Cursed.
Not cured until it dies or she
breaks out of the myth.

Alexis Southam from Etsy gave me “carving, mesh, wallpaper”

Plain stripes;
Damask of blue;
Floral repeating pattern;
Wider stripes in green;
Fern leaves overlapping.
Layers of wallpaper hidden
for years, left as a lazy
reminder. One piled onto
another in a mesh of history.
Drag a nail deep enough,
carving through a family
and then another to reach
the final image.
Revealed only to the one
determined to look closely.

Merri Kitty
, once more from Etsy kindly gave me “balloon, frivolous, entwined” to work into a poem:

Days flash by as she pulls off
the petals of a silk flower.
‘He sees me, he sees me not’.
A frivolous lifestyle to ask only
of actions not emotions.
The others are tied down, more
solid than the centre of a rock.
Love and life a balloon to
keep her souls in the air and
let her mind dance around the clouds.
The everyday made more precious
by stolen mornings and evenings
where two breaths are entwined
around dreams of nothing ordinary
but everything small and real
and beyond reach.
A war. A distance.
The circles. The revolutions.
Always coming back around.

I’m hoping to get more up early next week as well, so fingers crossed as I come to the end of this little collection.

Happy friday to everyone,

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