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Getaway, Bruised, Sandwich, Cosmos.

Once again, a real mixed bag of words and poetry this week. A great selection of inspirations from the Etsy forums as I creep closer to the end of this project that I have been doing for so many months now!

The ladies from elloriasboutique gave me “marvelous, hypnotise, getaway” to work with:

“Last minute escape”
How to hypnotise
lost in a marvelous feeling
for the getaway.

Suzi Smith from suziscribbles gave me “invoke, ash, bruised” to turn into a poem:

A tremor floods from one end
to the other, the ripple spreading
as external bookshelves fall.
Books lie bruised in piles,
fallen into clumps, all order lost.
An older wisdom invoked by
the mind of one in the centre
to bring knowledge back
down to earth. Watch the
brilliance and the downfall
as texts burn cold and
crumble into an ash to be
sifted through for a new
understanding of the ages.

from Etsy gave me “sandwich, pizza, chocolate” to use

“Waiting Room”
A 9 to 5 day escape to the
fast world of anonymity.
Sandwiched between layers of
formica, forced to eavesdrop on
a break-up fuelled by pizza
and chocolate milkshakes.
Personalities trapped inside
bodies that they don’t understand
and cannot find the controls.
Waiting. In a pressed suit,
staring into a bottomless cup
of bad coffee. Waiting for news
with a half-eaten Danish and
strip lighting for company.

Sally Henderson from CloudArtUK gave me “cat, cosmos, cutie” to work with and it turned into this:

A small, lanky cat is sitting
on a cooling car bonnet.
Behind, a row of identical houses
with matching fences and cutie-
coordinated garden paths running
up to daringly coloured front doors.
And inside, blissfully ignorant
families are happily alike.
But outside the stars above are
different – their long travelled lights
bringing a new cosmos to
your eyes every evening.

Hopefully more later on in the week. But for now, toodle-pip,

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