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Synthesis, Geek, Horizon, Evocative

Hello from one very tired little poet.
This is it now. The four last poems of my Three Random Word project that started so long ago as a flippant comment to pass some time online.

So, a HUGE thank you to every person who has given me a set of words to write with. The ideas have been amazing, especially with all of the great suggestions from my bookish and crafting friends around the internet. I really appreciate the help. Plus a special thanks to Mark, Wilf, Gemma and Jyoti for the first words which made me want to keep going to 100…

BeaKez gave me “synthesis, turmoil, beguile” to work from:

Exactly halfway into the wood she stops
and looks in all directions
hoping to spot the archetype.
Cut a path through the trees
decisive and clear. She walks
fast towards a toadstool, set
in the earth to beguile her alone.
Invisible hands pushing her feet
and pulling her forwards into
their path. Everything turned
upside down while she looked
for the path back. Clothes a mess
and hair in turmoil the road opened.
She started out with only one idea
although the challenge changed
her and strengthened her –
the synthesis better for
running through the gauntlet.

Mark Chitty kindly gave me “geek, interdimensional, love” to write with:

“Fourth Wall”
Their paths cross each time
the inter-dimensional walls oscillate.
Unable to stay in place
as love pulls them back and forth.
Every life they find the same
place and passion to connect
one world to another.
A specialist. A geek. A fanatic.
One person searching another.
So simple in theory.

Sjhigbee has given me “volute, event, horizon” to use in a poem:

An age of celebration and innovation
each event marked out in stone and
made perfect by many men
for the glory of one man.
Feverishly slaving away to be ready,
as the sun smashed into Rome’s horizon
warming the streets, lighting the
final inscription. No mistakes.
As the last volute is levelled next to
famous names the crowds gather.
To see a history that cannot be changed –
no turning back. Memories protected,
free from the erosion of legends.

My final 3RW poem was inspired by Valerie with the words “meander, dream, evocative”:

Shocked awake by the cold
as a foot wanders over to the
empty side of the bed.
Thoughts meander slowly
as my mind continues to sleep,
while small conscious thoughts
steal in to escape reality.
They run towards the Dream,
the one that I go to sleep for.
Not the same each night
but changing in reflections –
taking the best of the day
with me along into the night.
Images triggered by a long –
lingering scent, evocative
of a shared bright star with
sweeter unheard melodies.

And that’s it! All of the 100+ poems are now done and posted up here. I have sent a bunch of them in a mini-collection off to a competition. I’m now trying to think what to do with them next – most competitions will not accept poems that have been published (even on a blog) and I have no clue at all what I should do with a bunch of utterly random poems. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

I have now got my next project sorted, but more on that later…

Thank you to everyone who has stayed reading these with me, whether people have read all of them, a few of them, or just one – I have had a wonderful time writing them. I think that the way that I write poetry and think about my ideas has changed for the better with the inspirations I have been given along the way.

I think I might take a day off before I get to work on the next project. Time to read a book. Poetry, perhaps.


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  1. Mark Chitty

     /  December 16, 2011

    Vick, that is just awesome. Thanks for using them :)

  2. Wow, what a wonderfully inspiring collection! I came across your thread on the BSoE team. Have you considered self-publishing via Blurb (or equivalent)? It would be fantastic to see these collectively in print, page by page.

    From Laura at http://www.KitzieG.com

    • Thank you! If at some point it looks like there would be enough interest I’d certainly would think about doing something like that.

  3. Thanks for using my words! Great work. Bea


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