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A Year In My Kitchen

A Year In My Kitchen – Skye Gyngell
Quadrille – 2007
Photography: Jason Lowe

This is a beautiful book, very well put together with a lovely colour scheme throughout. Gyngell is from Australia and the influence really shines through both in the style of cooking and the use of ingredients.
The cookbook starts with a ‘toolbox’ of stocks and basic recipes that are then used in varying ways throughout many of the recipes in the rest of the book. This aspect is tied together with the introduction as a whole philosophy of cooking. Many of the recipes have additional hints and small tips as well dotted throughout.
It is arranged by season and there wasn’t one part that stood out especially for me as being the best. In fact I liked every part of this book and would happily have it sitting on my shelves. It has a great combination of recipes from soups, salads, veggie dishes and meat/fish. There is also a nice range between simple and relaxed meals to more elegant dishes. The only slight let-down is the puddings section, it is interesting but much more traditional than the rest of the book.
As a whole book it feels like it could be used every day but with much more exciting recipes than you find in most ‘home cooking’ books. I am hugely impressed with this collection and I think I’ll be cooking a lot of the recipes as well as keeping a keen eye out for more from Gyngell in the future.

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