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This Week

This week I’ve not posted much, same as the two weeks before that. There are a lot of little reasons for that falling under one big umbrella reason – I’m not sleeping. I’ve never been a great sleeper but the past month or so I’ve only been getting a few hours a night and never really catching up. So I’m exhausted. This means my brain has shut down.

I have still managed to get quite a lot read. I’ve been reading ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs (liked it, wouldn’t read it again) and ‘The 10pm Question’ by Kate DeGoldi (didn’t live up to the hype but a good enough read overall) for my YA bit. ‘A Shadow in Summer’ by Daniel Abraham (really enjoyed the start, lost interest towards the end but I’ll keep going with the series). Then I read ‘Unclean Spirits’ by M.L.N. Hanover which is the pen-name of Daniel Abraham (very enjoyable, read in a day but not as clever as his other series). ‘Days Without Number’ by Robert Goddard (wonderful, love his books) and ‘Through Violet Eyes’ by Stephen Woodworth (very smart, ordered the next in the series straight away) topped up my thriller quota. I’ve just started Kushiel’s Scion by Jacqueline Carey and I’m liking it so far but goodness it is a long book!

I am still trying to get cookbook reviews done – I’ve done a few that need typing up and I have got a new review on the Huffington Post UK blog for The Good Cook by Simon Hopkinson.

I am dithering about my next poetry project and am fighting hard against an idea in my head that is determined to be prose. I don’t usually write prose but I have tried to force it into poetry and drama (my usual media) but it is not working. It might be prose but if I decide to have a go at that there needs to be thought and I will seek advice first. Prose scares me, have you noticed?

My latest drama project is something that came to me in a very round-about way (long story I shall share later) and I am only a few hundred words in but I’m already enjoying it. [Background: I translate plays from German to English. For examples see here] The main difference is that it is much longer than I am used to with scripts. I usually work on plays that, when translated, are about 15,000 words long which gives about an hour and a half. This one is looking to come in at twice that, maybe even three times. An interesting thing about translating from German is that word counts are no use at all. Because the way in which German builds words and uses syntax it is almost impossible to guess at how long a translation will be in relation to the original piece.

I am also working on marketing my business and telling as many people as I can manage. There will be a post all about that on here soon enough.

In short: not a lot is happening but it is still too much to do on four hours sleep!


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  1. Nice post. When I don´t sleep, I usually get lots of reading done :)


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