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Late Nights

I like late nights and early mornings, not together usually but I like times of the day when you can see the light approach or retreat. I work best between 6-9am and 11pm-2am. Not the most sociable hours when you are living with other people and one of the best things about living alone was that I could keep my own hours.

I was thinking about a quotation from Brideshead Revisited, a favourite book of mine. I also happen to love the television series of it.

“At the end of the term I took my first schools; it was necessary to pass, if I was to remain at Oxford, and pass I did, after a week in which a forbade Sebastian my rooms and sat up to a late hour, with iced black coffee and charcoal biscuits, cramming myself with the neglected texts. I remember no syllable of them now, but the other more ancient lore which I acquired that term will be with me in one shape or another to my last hour.”

Wonderful. Coffee, biscuits and lots of words in those small hours.


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