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This Week

This week I have taken lots of photographs. Some for work (useful to own the copyright on images I use in website building!) and some just because it’s been lovely outside.

I adore the sort of weather that we’re having at the moment, very cold and clear. I love winter but the rain can get a bit tiresome so nice clear blue skies with frost on the ground suits me perfectly.

I have reviewed ‘Everyday and Sunday’ on the Huffington Post blog and ‘Further Adventures in Search of Perfection’ on here.

There has been quite a lot of ‘Brideshead Revisted’ with a Waugh inspired post over here as well as a re-read of that wonderful book. I have also read ‘The Colorado Kid’ by Stephen King and I’m now reading ‘With Red Hands’ by Stephen Woodworth. In between I tried reading several other books but had trouble getting into anything, a common problem with me. I have two or three authors who I can always read and love but otherwise it is very hit and miss.

Something that is of very little interest is that I finally managed to banish my old cell phone and can now call/text people again. Exciting to me at least!

Today I am supposed to be working hard but instead am messing around with photographs and daydreaming. Must work harder!


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