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This Week…

This week has been another up and down week. I spent a lot of time working on my business website which was quite a lot of work (and lots of decisions!) but I’ve also been playing around with my photographs and poems a lot which rather balances it out.

I reviewed Stevie Parle’s ‘Dock Kitchen Cookbook’ on the Huffington Post UK blog. It’s a pretty good one, especially if you like fish & seafood, lots of options there.

On this blog I posted some pictures of my holiday to Shropshire, there will be more of those up soon, I’m sure.

I also complained about Pinterest and their rather wonky no-nudity policy, which is about the only thing I don’t love about them. Otherwise, still very obsessed.

And I put out a call for people’s favourite poems so that I can use them as inspiration for a poetry series I am doing based on other people’s poems. So far (mainly from Twitter) I’ve had some great suggestions and I’ve already completed a couple of them as well as carrying on writing from my own favourites.

Today I have a cookbook to start reviewing, a flyer to design, a piece of artwork to carry on with, a business blog to write, and a couple of poems to work on. Probably some of that will rollover into tomorrow as well!


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  1. wow, busy beaver, or otter if you prefer. x


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