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This Week

This week has been busy but not frantic, and mostly work related.

I’ve been reading a slightly odd mixture of thrillers and poetry this week. I read ‘Blow Back’ by Brad Thor which was really fast and a fun plot but so pro-American it was painful, maybe just because I’m English but definitely too much flag-waving without any need for it. Once again I had a couple of books out of the library that I didn’t realise were book two in a series. Going to hunt down the first ones before I read them. I’ve had a couple of great books come through the post which I’ll be reading as soon as I get some more time.

On the blog I’ve shared some pictures that I took near my house at various points this year. I also had a chatter about Pinterest and then a little more the next day about business and blogs using Pinterest. I put some links about pinning for businesses on my Jackdaw 19 blog as well as a series of tips on how to blog when you’re short on time.

Today I’m trying to catch up with work that I’m a bit behind on, I normally work over the weekends and take a day off in the week but I had a fantastic day out yesterday walking with some friends (and some friends-of-friends, whom it was lovely to meet) in the Peaks so I’m doing double-time now before Monday.

Happy Mothering Sunday, everyone.

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