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Dear Pinterest – Revisited

In the past month or so I’ve said quite a lot about Pinterest on here, within social media and on my business site. I’ve never hidden how much I love the site and also the worries I had about it.

So here is the update – Pinterest have changed their terms and the new ones are coming into effect from the 6th April. I am thrilled that they are changing but more than anything I am over the moon that the guys over there listened to our issues and noticed that the very rapidly increasing membership was throwing up problems that had not been around to begin with.

The note about it is: HERE
The new terms are: HERE
Oh, and my pins are: HERE (Just in case you want to come and say hello!)

I have, partially deliberately but also partly subconsciously, avoiding pinning until this was ironed out – I think I might be going a bit mad this weekend now. I’m sure there will be lots of little things that they are still going to need to keep tweaking as the site grows and changes but this has made me very happy. So happy that I’m blogging at almost midnight on a Friday – most irregular!

Happy weekend everyone,

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