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This Week

This week’s been a busy week online and offline.

On this blog I posted a series of pictures from my fab walk last weekend in Monsal Dale, and then for World Poetry Day I put up one of my poems from my new ‘After Poetry’ collection that I am building, as well as writing one on the day which I posted later.

Then, very happily, Pinterest changed their terms! They had listened and changed, which I really appreciated. So I spent a lot of yesterday pinning new things onto my boards that I had been shying away from until it all got sorted out.

I’ve read a lot, mostly thrillers again. I read ‘Sister’ by Rosamond Lupton which I’m still undecided about, it was okay but not gripping enough really. On the other hand ‘Nightfall’ by Stephen Leather was brilliant, and I raced through it, I plan on getting the next very soon. I had wanted to read ‘The Fear Index’ for a while but it took a little time to come through from the library, I wasn’t expecting great things but my goodness it was one of the worst books I can remember reading. I managed to get another Sean Black book, ‘Deadlock’ which I didn’t like quite as much as ‘Lockdown’ but still enjoyed a lot. I finally got my hands on a James Barrington to read and decided to read the prequel of his Paul Richter series ‘Manhunt’ first, loved this one as well and I’ve ordered the real first in the series to read. I think I might need to read some non-fiction or something really different as my head is full of Russian spies and murder and guns.

On my business blog I was talking about what not to do (and a little of what you should do) on Twitter, and the second part of that is coming up tomorrow. I’m also working at the moment on getting everything sorted in my business schedule – for me that means staring at pieces of paper and getting confused. Good fun! I am looking this coming week at selling a lot of my art and jewellery wholesale as well so there will be a post on here very soon about what’s happening there.

I hope the sun is shining with you, we’ve got a lovely day here.

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  1. I heard Pinterest changed their ToS. I’ll have to check it out now!


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