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Spring Poetry

I have not been writing much poetry over the past few weeks, largely because I have had other creative things happening inside my head but I want to try and get a decent chunk of my new collection sorted. It’s important to get a lot of poems written because I want to be able to discard between a third and a half of them when I select the final ones to put together for the finished collection.

I want to end up with around about 45 poems in my ‘About Poetry’ collection and I am planning on getting at least twenty done this month…that’s the aim I gave myself when I signed up to write alongside Kaz Mahoney in one of her famous (well, I think they are) writing groups.

Spring KazNo is explained over on Kaz’s blog. This would also be a good time to let people know that she is an awesome writer and you should really check out her books. This session people are setting their own goals which is lovely because word counts don’t really work with poetry. So I’m planning on five poems a week.

Speaking of which…I need to get cracking. See you all later,


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