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This Week

This week I started Kaz Mahoney’s SpringKazNo where I am going to attempt to write five poems each week. Yesterday I took the whole day off work and did very little other than write poetry and managed seven in one day so I have a total of nine for this week. It’s a good start but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it going!

I have read the first in a different series by Kate Ellis called ‘Seeking The Dead’, it was great and I liked how different it was from the Wesley Petersen series. I read a between-the-numbers Janet Evanovich novel called ‘Plum Spooky’, which was good but I didn’t enjoy as much as the ones in her series. I read the first Nicola Upson novel in her Josephine Tey series called ‘An Expert in Murder’ – I love Tey’s books and really did like this, I’ll be getting the second one as well, the twists were a bit contorted but the characters made up for it. I finally got around to reading a Clive Cussler and read ‘Pacific Vortex’ which is the first chronologically in the Dirk Pitt series. It’s exactly what I expected, with all the best and worst parts of thriller adventure writing but it was really well paced and set up the characters for the rest of the (very extensive) series. I’m so far behind on these ones that it’s actually proving quite hard to find them!

I reviewed ‘My Kind of Cooking’ by Mark Sargeant on the Huffington Post UK blog. I also created a complete list of all of the cookbook reviews that I have written since I started and that is now a static page on here.

My cousin has very kindly managed to ruin my productivity by letting me know about Stratocam. It’s deeply addictive if you like either photography or geography. I’ve already spent an hour on there.

The rest of today will be spent catching up on work, writing lots of emails, doing some marketing and answering emails. As long as I can stay away from the pretty pictures…


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