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Dark Currents

This morning a very wonderful parcel arrived from Ian Whates and NewCon Press with copies of Dark Currents inside. I’ve been wanting to read this since I first saw the table of contents. And I have a poem in there as well.

Dark Currents is a beautiful collection of shorts available in a limited edition, numbered, hardcover; a paperback and also a Kindle ebook.

Many months ago now, while I was writing my Three Random Words poetry project, I asked Ian for three words and he gave me “resonance, candle, ephemera” from which I wrote a poem called ‘George’. Ian then asked if he could use the poem in Dark Currents and of course I said yes. It is a poem largely about my Great-Uncle George who was killed in a RAF training exercise during World War Two only a few weeks after he was married.

It goes without saying, and I’m saying it anyway, that I am completely thrilled that Ian chose ‘George’ to go into Dark Currents, I couldn’t possibly be in better company. I’ve read previous short stories and novels from many of the authors, including some absolute favourites of mine as well as friends. Several people I have known for a little while (either online or from conventions) and I met Adrian Tchaikovsky just this past weekend (with entertaining conversations about elephants, time-travel and re-writing history to suit Braveheart). Plus, I am a huge fan of Ian’s work both as an editor and as a novelist so any connection to his work makes me very, very happy.

Having been scolded by Emma Jane yesterday I should also apologise for not posting anything about this earlier. I have been stuck right in the middle of house-hunting and absolutely everything else has been pushed to the back of my mind while I got that sorted. For anyone who saw me at Alt.Fiction this weekend you know how stressed out I was (sorry, again). Normal service shall hopefully resume now!

And now I am going to have a tea break and sit down to read an excellent collection of short stories (can you guess what..?)


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  1. House hunting can take everything out of you. Good luck.


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