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This Week

Maybe this shouldn’t be titled ‘this week’ but ‘recently’, I have been rather out of the loop. Lots of things have been happening and they have either been boring or non-bloggable. I’ve been working on getting some of the older posts I wrote for my previous blog up and in the right format as well as tweaking a few things with the structure of this blog. There has been a little bit more work than usual going on and I’m blogging about branding on my business website if anyone is interested in that one.

I have also been doing a lot of fudge making. This is not at all unusual however the different part is that I have been experimenting with new flavours. It has been suggested that I should look into selling the fudge that I make in a few places but before I even think about that I need to play around with amounts and flavours etc. So that has taken up a lot of time in both research and actually making the various batches. Fudge is tiring! More about this to follow soon.

I have mentioned that I am hopefully buying a house. It’s not a quick process and I’m not trying to push the vendors into moving faster than they want to. The last time I moved house it was a nightmare from start to finish and I really want this time to be better. I firmly believe that just because buying/selling a house is a business arrangement that doesn’t mean that you need to be cold and pushy about it. I love the house that we are talking about and I want it to become my home, I want the whole process to be as pain-free for both sides as possible. Plus the vendors are lovely people. If you’d like to see what sort of things will be going inside said house, or whichever place I do end up living, I have a dedicated board on Pinterest for it!

In other blog news I have been working on having a new regular bit on here that’s just fun for me. That will (hopefully) be starting next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll promote it in the usual places once it’s online!

I’ve been writing loads of poetry as well but I still haven’t found a way of sharing it that doesn’t disqualify it from all competitions so for now I’ll be keeping that under my hat. Lots of classical references are going on at the moment though which is something that I love. If you’re very keen to read some poetry I blogged about a poem I have had included in the anthology ‘Dark Currents’.

I have signed up to 500px which is an absolutely brilliant photo sharing site. I have had niggling problems with a lot of the photo sites that I use and this one still has a few glitches but overall it’s great. Easy to upload (although you can’t rotate afterwards which is annoying) and great portfolio sites. There are lots of lovely people on board as well as a very cheap upgrade to unlimited uploads. It also has a store attached if you want to put your images up for sale.

As a consequence of everything that has been happening I have, very sadly, not even got any reading books to share with you. Mainly I’ve been reading cookery books. I currently have a pile almost as high as my head ready to be reviewed. I think there might even be two going online this week to keep up with them. I’ve also reviewed ‘Eat London 2’ on the Huff Post blog.

I shall now get back to the *very* long to-do list which is staring at me and try to get a little more of it ticked off before the new week begins.

Hope you are all keeping well,

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  1. If you make a brown sugar walnut fudge, I would be interested it seeing it posted!

    • Not as yet, but it sounds lovely. I’ll pop the flavours up later on when I have decided what the final list will be.


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