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Coming to Dinner…

At the weekend I said that I would be starting a new series of blog posts this week entirely for fun. I’ve not really started I’m just chattering away today. This idea came from a series of conversations with a bunch of different people all asking me who I would invite to my ideal dinner party. It is a really daft question to ask me because I usually ramble on for hours afterwards as I keep thinking of new people and why I would like to invite them.

So I thought I’d put together a few lists, maybe with reasons or maybe not and have six people every week at my dinner table. My dining table would fit eight people so there is room for six fantasy guests plus myself and a friend (because what is the point if you can’t get one of your best friends to share it with you).

I’ll be adding people who I think would make a dinner party interesting so I won’t be including any (many) people just for decoration. I also only include authors/artists who I think would be fun to talk to rather than those whose work I like. I really don’t think the two things always go together. I’m not going to go for gender balance because I’m not patronising like that and I want groups of people who would start great conversations regardless of their genitals. Oh, and I’m including dead people – because there are a lot of them I want to have a good chat with.

I’m not sure yet whether I will do these regularly or just as I think of a new group of people I would really like to chat to. If people have ideas of who I should include I would love to hear them. Either suggestions of who would make a good group of six, one or two people you would like to have dinner with or people I have missed out. Also if I add people and you think they would make terrible guests do let me know!

In other news there will probably be a business announcement coming up in the next few weeks – will keep y’all posted.


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