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This Week

This week has been a complete mess! Not all in a bad way but very little has been happening online for a few main reasons.

The bad reason first. I had a fault with the fan in my laptop, that was fixed but two days later when I came to turn it on it was sluggish and when I restarted my hard disk finally gave up the ghost. Now, this couldn’t really have happened at a better or a worse time. For all that I work with computers all day, every day I am terrible at remembering to back-up. Luckily it was all done because of the fan issues. On the downside I really need my computer right now.

On Monday I am launching my new line on Etsy of custom written poetry and I am spending the weekend doing some final tweaks and making sure that I have all of the listings ready to go. To make the shop cleaner I have taken out all of my art and now I’m just listing my cards. Because the poetry can be used in so many situations it will be listed across several different categories. I’m going to be selling (English style) haikus and longer form poetry as well. I’ll be doing a full announcement with details on Monday and there will be lots of promotion because I’m so excited about it all!

The stranger my work portfolio becomes the more I realise how glad I am that I don’t have a regular sort of a job. It just doesn’t work for me.

The other big reason that I’ve not been doing much online is because I was in Wales for three days. I have thousands of photographs that I am gradually working through (including the top image here which is the sunset from Capel Garmon). I had a great time and will be posting more about the trip once the poetry is up. I’ve pretty tired despite the holiday because of doing a combination of sunrise and sunset pictures so not a huge amount of sleep!

Hope y’all are having a good weekend.

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