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Full Poetry Launch

The title of this post makes it sound a little more exciting than it probably is. The introduction period of my poetry sales on Etsy is now over so I’ve launched the final type of poems and have a full set of listing up. I’ll be adding new combinations and making sure that my poetry is in all the right categories but most of the work is done. This means two things: one that the prices are now up at their fixed retail rates and two I can start promoting seriously.

This post is also an explanation of why I’ve not been on the blog much the past couple of weeks – I’ve been staring at the screen so much for Etsy and marketing that everything else has had to go. My mind is incredibly full of ideas and can’t seem to take much extra.

I now have three types of poetry up on Etsy.

A haiku, a standard poem and an ‘after’ poem. All customized, personalized, unique and written by little old me.
Lots and LOTS of work is going into Etsy at the moment, into the listings and marketing my new line. It is work that I enjoy but it’s still hard work and takes a lot of time.

I have actually had a much more positive response than I was expecting, which is lovely. I didn’t think I would even get a sale in the first few weeks but I’ve had great feedback and most people I have spoken to seem to think it’s an idea that can go places.

The other quick mention here is that I am working on a new business plan to integrate the different facets of my business more smoothly so there might be more of a cross-over on here with my business and on my business site with my personal opinions. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. It’s an exciting time, a busy time and lots of fun.

Hope everyone is keeping well!


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