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Found Favourites

This post is about a month late for a couple of reasons, I’ve been super busy and not reading as much online (especially with paywalls on newspapers, I have been reading far less news online and relying on BBC Radio 4 instead). The second reason is that it’s quite a different post than I first imagined.

For anyone who was reading this blog a couple of months ago I entered my poem “Free Flight into the Wordless” in the New York Times annual Found Poetry competition. To enter you had to write a poem using the words of an article from the NYT. I was really excited to try because the age limit is 25 so this is the last year I could enter and I love the idea. In fact I love the idea so much that I have been writing more found poems. I am still thinking about doing them as a regular part of my poetry writing.

It’s a brilliant idea. Sadly due to said paywalls I had stopped checking in with the NYTimes so often (although I should say the Found Poem section is free) and I had read most of the entries while they were coming in so I wasn’t missing too much. I was also certain from reading these entries that I stood no chance, there were some incredible poets writing and the judges had a great number to read through. I had however forgotten to check back to see who the winners were, which I was hugely interested in. I also wanted to check in to make sure that the competition was over so I could post the poem I had written for it on here once the winners had been announced.

Had a huge shock last night to see this article sitting there, saying that my poem had been chosen as one of the eleven winners of the competition. There was a lot of happy dancing and jumping around. I had absolutely no expectations of winning (hence not checking for so long!) but I am very pleased and so grateful.

Here’s the original post by the NYT on the contest entry.

And the NYT team talking about the competition this year.

The rest of the winning poems can be found here.

Or Click here for my original blog post on writing the poem.

Once more, a link to my winning poem. (Can you tell how happy this has made me?)

I’m beyond thrilled to have been chosen, partly because of the amazing entries but also because of how much I loved this competition. It’s definitely worth taking the time to read through the winning poems as well as looking through the comments on the original contest post allows you to see all of the entries.

Vick. (still bouncing a little!)

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  1. Thank you very much!


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