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Talking About Food

A very quick update over here to say that I am going to start putting a few foodie type reviews up. I have been talking to several people about doing some ‘real’ restaurant reviews but I want to get some practice in before I try it out properly.

I’m looking mainly at places that are local to me but also will probably write up places that I have been when on my travels. When I’m writing poetry I often go to cafes because I am in-between houses at the moment and so go crazy if I don’t escape in between. This means that there are going to be more coffee shop reviews than restaurants. Also, I like cooking more than eating out most of the time!

The other point that I have been thinking about lately is how important it is for me to make clear that I don’t get paid for the reviews, I am very nervous about accepting review requests when the restaurant would know I am going to be writing it up. This is only a hobby for me, I would love to have a budget but right now I don’t and so I won’t be eating at many top end places but at the same time I know for certain that the best places are not the most expensive and vice versa.

In a related note I’ve been pretty unwell lately and so recipe testing has been put to one side, I’m gradually getting a bit better so I should be able to get back on track and write up some of the cookbooks that I have been sent to review.


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