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New Poetry News

A quick blog as I’m busy working and catching up with reviews that I should have written up days ago!

I’ve been super busy working on my custom written poetry, which now has its own website. This is partly to have a more appropriate looking site separate from both the more businessy pages and the very personal but also so that I can more easily send people straight there. You can click on the link above and also the poetry link in the top menu now re-directs there as well.

I have also been working on making my Facebook business page more friendly and useful as well as informative. There will be a lot of updates on there so please do follow along as I’ll be posting news and poetry snippets as well. This way I can share my poetry with people without disqualifying them from competitions and magazine submissions. I’m also looking into how G+ can be best used for the business and whether it would be of any benefit to my customers.

Things are still ticking along over on Etsy with a new treasury and I’ve been playing around with some of the items themselves.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead.


p.s. Moving house is stressful…anyone else noticed this?!

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