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The First Room

When I moved in there was quite a lot of work to be done on the house, the roof needed work both inside and out, two rooms needed plastering, as well as lots of little things besides. Once I had talked to the joiner I decided that I needed to leave the kitchen alone. I had grand plans which will still happen, just further down the road. Partly cost was an issue but it was mainly that I didn’t want to take on too much all at once.

I knew that it might take a bit of time to get hold of people to do the work, all of the good people are always busy, so I wanted to get started. I was reluctant at first to do too much in case things had to be moved around and work I’d done was damaged but as I realised it might be closer to months rather than weeks I just got going.

I started at the back of the house, in the smallest room – my downstairs WC. I actually really like this room, not only is it handy, especially for guests, but it has a lovely tiled floor like the kitchen and laundry area, a good window and has an extractor to protect it from damp (it’s on my outside wall with the coal store next to it).

There are still things to be fixed in there, the door has twisted and so doesn’t fit the frame, there is a clear gap all the way around it. The door was once a lovely piece of wood but has been painted and then very poorly stained so now it looks terrible, I’m still not sure what I will do with it but if it’s possible to restore the wood I will, it not I’ll just try and give it its dignity back.

I had chosen the colours I wanted to use months before – in fact it was the first room I knew exactly what I wanted to do with and I had largely been inspired by a picture on Pinterest. I wanted two tone walls (unusual for me) with a darker colour on the wall that had the window and faced the window and a lighter shade on the other two walls.

First coat – and you can see how I protected the sink etc. with cling film.

I found the colours using Dulux’s colour mixing system and went for Moon Waves 1 (a dark grey/purple) and Oyster Cove 5 (a very light pinkish grey). Much, much later on I realised that I want to use almost exactly the same colours in the bathroom upstairs. I chose not to get the bathroom paint because I wanted a more Matt finish but it has only been on the walls for a few weeks and already I can see water marks behind the sink. Luckily the paint I am using upstairs in the same shade is a bathroom paint so I can touch up that part later if it does need it. Or possibly add some tiles…

I normally don’t paint pipes, preferring to leave them pipe-ish, but all of the pipes in the house have been painted the colours of the walls so they will all need redoing. Sigh. One of the little things that make you realise that everyone has different ways of doing even the smallest tasks.

This was also the start of my discovering of really bad painting around the house. The window has a huge splotch of magnolia (a colour I really dislike!) on it and there is green on the ceiling as well as paint on the woodwork. Plus there is a very interesting choice of where to stop painting, something that also happened in the living room.

From the Pinterest picture that was acting as my inspiration I knew I wanted to put shelves up on the back wall, that’s still not been done but I should be getting around to it soon. I also still need to touch up the ceiling and find a plant pot for the windowsill. I have lavender soap in the WC and want a lavender plant in a light pink pot. The good news is that I know exactly which pot I want, the bad news is that the garden centre has stopped selling it so I’m on the lookout still. I’ve also got my heart set on a new latch or fingerboard for the door. Lots of finishing touches to be added!

I’ll update when the room is finished, which hopefully won’t be all that long!


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