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A Fond Farewell

It was very quietly announced that Valerie Eliot had died – I spotted a note on Twitter and then had to really rummage through international newspapers to find a notice of her death.

A few days and then a week later there started to be a few more stories around and about. Most people didn’t seem to know much about her and even more had no idea who she was. I suppose I was much more likely to have known her influence as I am a poet and read a lot of poetry but even poetry fans seemed in the dark.

I wanted to collect a few of the articles together so that I could read them in the future and thought I would pop them up here so others could read them.

Although I never met her I admired her hugely from afar. She was a very hardworking, canny and smart woman. She had a brilliant head for business and was tough without ever seeming (to me) cold. Her impact on F&F and the Eliot prize can be read in the articles but I always admired her protection both of the estate and her husband’s memory. T.S. Eliot’s poetry while he was with her is a great testament and one article suggests that we may get to see some of the poems he wrote specifically for her – something that would be a dream come true for me.

She shall be sorely missed.

The Two Mrs Eliots – Independent 1994

Guardian article by David Morley mirrors my own ideas of why she was so brilliant

NYTimes Obituary Article

Guardian Article on the future of the estate

Lovely article from the FT including a snippet from one of my favourite of TSE’s poems

Obituary from the Telegraph, with this wonderful phrase in the heading: “by sheer uncomplicated adoration achieved the miraculous feat of making him happy”.

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