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Building a Library – Part Two

So. My library is now as complete as it is going to be for a while. You can find part one of this library exploration here. The pictures are not wonderful – I wanted to take pictures when there was good light, but it’s November in England. Not going to happen.

Welcome to my library!

My second desk – it was bought from a little shop in Brick Lane. My friend Lise helped me barter for it (and the masonic chair it came with!) and Rach came to my rescue to drive it to my house.

Non-fiction, poetry, plays and some general fiction. Plus a few I gained from my Mother who was getting rid of books. As well as not throwing my own away I take unwanted books from people. (Anyone read the Cave Bear series?)

My everyday desk – complete with tea, water, glasses, poetry, research, pretty lamp and lots of stationery!

View from the door – including the radiator which is *very* essential at the moment. Taken before I rearranged the books a little. You can see Fantasy, General (esp. Crime and Thriller), Childrens/YA, Classics and then Antique-ish plus current reading, more research and notebooks. (From L-R!)

Looking towards the door. Plus – fireplace!

The door next to the armchairs is a cupboard which has been named Narnia. Obviously!

Almost none of the windows in the house are standard size – so I have yet to fit a blind for the small window – hence the draped cloth!

Cosy reading space. Happy times.

Thanks for visiting my library – I might post some purely book pictures soon as well.


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