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I live, work and play in the English Midlands. I lived in London while I was at University and for a few years afterwards and then moved back to the Leicestershire/Derbyshire borders.
I work in lots of different areas – partly because I have a strange skill set and also a creative mind which means that multi-tasking works very well with my brain.
I have worked as a PA for lots of different people – and I am looking at starting up again now outside of London.
I do collage art with words, pictures, stamps and comic books. I have been talking to comic book publishers about maybe being able to show or even sell these comicollages – we shall wait and see. I sell in craft fairs and on Etsy. There are links in my ‘Art’ page so that you can see these.
I make jewellery – mostly necklaces and bracelets although I dabble in both rings and earrings as well. I no longer sell these online but do sell them at a variety of craft fairs and fetes.
I write. Lots. I’m starting to show people, although really the main purpose is to get all of the excess words out of my head. There are links to some plays and some of the poetry that I have written in ‘Stage Play’ and ‘Poetry’ at the top of the page.
I read as much as I can get my hands on. I love libraries and bookshops alike. I have more books than I could ever read but I will never stop buying them. It’s my vice and I love it.
I am a complete foodie. I read cookbooks and food blogs. I write my own recipes and adapt other people’s. I am a fussy eater. I love really good food and will try anything. I bake, cook, preserve and occasionally play with confectionary as well.
I love being outdoors. I adore nature. I walk a lot.
If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life it would be travelling. Anywhere, everywhere. Both new places and old favourites.

I’m a terribly talkative person. Please get in touch. You can find me all over the internet (see below) and I would love to have a chat about art, jewellery, writing, books, cooking, and pretty much anything else. Not golf. Or ear-wax. Most other things though.

I do struggle with introductions and wrote a more candid account of who I am in this blogpost.

website: www.vclinde.co.uk

art blog: http://vclinde.blogspot.com/

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vclinde

pinterest: http://pinterest.com/vclinde/

twitter: @vclinde

email: vclinde@gmail.com

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