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Jewellery and Art

I have made jewellery since I was 16 and collage pieces since I was 20 but recently I no longer have time to sell my wares. I don’t have the resources at the moment to find craft fairs, to promote my Etsy shop and to source new shops to sell in. I have pulled my jewellery from most of the places it was selling and my art & cards are now only available on Etsy.

I am trying to decide what to do with the stock I have and this blog is, as much as being an update for those interested, a plea for ideas. I am more interested in finding something to do with them rather than making a lot of money – although I won’t say no to the money, it always helps. I hate the idea of them sitting in a drawer or ending up in a rubbish bin somewhere.

If anyone in the past has liked something I’ve made and would like to make an offer on a piece, or pieces then please do get in touch. I am also very willing to sell wholesale. I’m not looking to sell on consignment at the moment as I don’t want to be tied into contracts. As far as costs go I want to cover my costs and a little profit would be great.

Everything can go as far as I am concerned. All of the jewellery, the art and the cards are available. The only thing I am not selling are the prints of my collage pieces, which were only ever available as cards anyway. If you read this and would like something I can arrange details over email or through Etsy for any/all products.

If anyone hosts jewellery parties and wants some extra handmade bracelets then I have a ready made set of stock. If there is someone who wants interesting pieces to compliment their picture frames then I have a ready supply of 5×7 collage pieces.

I feel obliged to point out that I poured a lot of time, energy and creativity into these pieces and it has not been an easy decision to stop selling them.

I’ll include pictures of some of the collage pieces, either A4, Cards or 5×7 prints. Frames can be included or left out. I’ve not put pictures of the jewellery in here because, well frankly there are more than enough pictures and I have got hundreds of different styles of bracelets. Anyone interested should drop me a line and I’ll happily share photographs.


p.s. Sorry if this is more business-like than usual on here but I’m trying to remain detached, selling off so much work and a lot of it that is very personal is a little wrenching!

Dear Pinterest – Revisited

In the past month or so I’ve said quite a lot about Pinterest on here, within social media and on my business site. I’ve never hidden how much I love the site and also the worries I had about it.

So here is the update – Pinterest have changed their terms and the new ones are coming into effect from the 6th April. I am thrilled that they are changing but more than anything I am over the moon that the guys over there listened to our issues and noticed that the very rapidly increasing membership was throwing up problems that had not been around to begin with.

The note about it is: HERE
The new terms are: HERE
Oh, and my pins are: HERE (Just in case you want to come and say hello!)

I have, partially deliberately but also partly subconsciously, avoiding pinning until this was ironed out – I think I might be going a bit mad this weekend now. I’m sure there will be lots of little things that they are still going to need to keep tweaking as the site grows and changes but this has made me very happy. So happy that I’m blogging at almost midnight on a Friday – most irregular!

Happy weekend everyone,

Monsal Dale Images

Last Saturday I went with a group of friends to walk through the Peaks (or rather, a little bit of them). I had a fab time and was really pleased to have been invited along. Many pictures were taken and considering it was supposed to be heavy rain all day we had really lovely weather. Here’s a few of the photos that I took.

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This Week

This week has been busy but not frantic, and mostly work related.

I’ve been reading a slightly odd mixture of thrillers and poetry this week. I read ‘Blow Back’ by Brad Thor which was really fast and a fun plot but so pro-American it was painful, maybe just because I’m English but definitely too much flag-waving without any need for it. Once again I had a couple of books out of the library that I didn’t realise were book two in a series. Going to hunt down the first ones before I read them. I’ve had a couple of great books come through the post which I’ll be reading as soon as I get some more time.

On the blog I’ve shared some pictures that I took near my house at various points this year. I also had a chatter about Pinterest and then a little more the next day about business and blogs using Pinterest. I put some links about pinning for businesses on my Jackdaw 19 blog as well as a series of tips on how to blog when you’re short on time.

Today I’m trying to catch up with work that I’m a bit behind on, I normally work over the weekends and take a day off in the week but I had a fantastic day out yesterday walking with some friends (and some friends-of-friends, whom it was lovely to meet) in the Peaks so I’m doing double-time now before Monday.

Happy Mothering Sunday, everyone.

And a little more…

Yesterday I posted about using Pinterest. As a brief follow-up to that there have been some changes on Pinterest overnight.

You are now able to rearrange your boards, which is something that people have been asking for for a very long time. It’s not something that has ever bothered me (I have a relatively small number of boards compared to most users) but because it means that they are still listening to what we want. This gives me a lot of hope that other complaints will be heard. Hurrah! There are also a few cosmetic changes but nothing that makes it harder to navigate around the site.

Also, I’ve now posted my business links all about Pinterest on the Jackdaw 19 website if people would like to have a look at some of the articles that I’ve been reading about Pinterest and business users.