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Bookshelves #1


I had so many people saying lovely things about the pictures of my library that I’ve decided, over time, to show pictures of the books themselves on the blog. This will also show how many of them I still have to read…and yet I keep buying more!

Shelf #1 is mostly YA/children-ish fiction.

Part 1

Part 1


Part 2

Part 2

Apologies for the images being a little rubbish – it’s really hard to get good light in the library for photography. It’s possible that having lined the walls with books and dark blue paint has made it a little darker in there…

This shelf has a higher than average number of books I’ve read in it – largely due to the collection of Harry Potter books there. Sadly I have lost my hardback copies of books 1 & 2. I had them stored in my parents attic while I was moving house and the roof leaked. They weren’t first editions but they were early and I had had them for a long time. Losing books is horrid.

I’ve also read ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ many times over, I love that book and I think reading it as a child was a great experience, especially with the illustrations in this edition. The copy of ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ was bought solely for the illustrations which are done by Quentin Blake. Noticing a pattern here, ‘Drawn from Memory’ is also full of illustrations by the wonderful E.H. Shephard.

On the other side of the shelf is the fantastic ‘Valiant’ by Holly Black as well as ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ by John Green (one of my favourite authors – see the P.S.). I never get rid of books, even if I don’t like them; this is partly because I think, as someone who writes, it’s interesting to look back at what I didn’t like about a book and also because one of my friends might want to read it someday. I actually didn’t manage to finish either ‘North Child’ or ‘The Witch Family’. Both ‘Hexwood’ by DWJ and ‘The Spellgrinder’s Apprentice’ by N.M. Browne were recommendations from Zoë Marriott – I loved ‘Hexwood’ and haven’t gotten around to TSA yet. Soon.

On the theme of Diana Wynne Jones there was a great guest article by Andrea K Höst on The Book Smugglers about her, that is definitely worth a read.

Read/Not Read shelf ratio: 21:14


p.s. A Theatre for Everybody In My Pants…

p.p.s. If you don’t get the ‘in my pants’ joke then have a look at this Vlogbrothers FAQ video where all is revealed. It’s explained at 2.37 if you want to skip there. Also – watch the rest of the videos and become a Nerdfighter!

This Week

This week I have mainly been working. There has also been a lot of reading.

Having not posted a round-up last week I’m a little behind on the links. I reviewed ‘Tea With Bea’ by Bea Vo, ‘Food You Can’t Say No To’ by Tamasin Day-Lewis and ‘Adventures with Chocolate’ by Paul A. Young on the Huffington Post UK blog.

Over here I have done a review of ‘The Cook and the Gardener’ by Amanda Hesser. I have finally gotten around to posting all about my business (just in time for me to go and add a new section to the website in the next couple of weeks!) and I’ve also added some new pictures and recommendations from my visit to Shropshire.

I’ve read ‘Dreadful Sorry’ by Kathryn Reiss which was excellent, ‘I Am Legend’ by Richard Matheson which I really didn’t enjoy and some fantastic thrillers. Having seen a recommendation on Twitter I picked up ‘The Obelisk’ by Howard Gordon and finished it in about six hours flat and then even more surprisingly did exactly the same with ‘Lock Down’ by Sean Black. I can’t wait to get more from both authors. I also read ‘Perfect Death’ by Kate Ellis, I try normally not to jump right into the middle of a series of novels but I wanted to try this out and it did stand alone well, and I’ll try and find others as well now. The other books I’ve been reading have mostly been poetry – partly because I love reading it and also to find some new poems to use when I’m doing my ‘After Poetry’ project and writing-in-the-style-of poets.

I’m planning a trip into town to look for some new cookbooks to review because I have completely run out and so until I’ve found some new ones the reviews will be quiet for a while.

And now I’ve got a quick reading break in the sunshine before getting back to work on a very long to-do list for my business-side. There will probably also be a large cup of tea involved.