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Favourite Poems

I recently mentioned that I am working on a series of poems where I am using a poem that I love and writing something inspired by it.

I have been using a combination of my own favourites as well as the BBC books in ‘The Nation’s Favourite…Poems’ series. Seeing as people were so helpful before in giving inspiration for my Three Random Words poetry I thought I would ask if anyone had a poem I could write an homage to.

So far I have done poems written by:
Wendy Cope
Walt Whitman
Robert Graves
Anne Sexton
Edward Thomas
John Clare
I’ve also attempted a John Donne but the overly religious themes were just a bit much to overcome. I think the style of the metaphysical poets might defeat me but I’m going to keep trying.

On a separate note I have been writing a poem in an hour inspired by Karen Mahoney’s 1k in one hour writing method. I really like it and the concentrated time period seems to work well with this type of poetry because I can keep the original meaning of the inspiration in my head as well as my own words and themes.

So, if anyone has suggestions for a poem that I can rework and be inspired by please do let me know here, on facebook, twitter or email. And if you’d like to see the end result, let me know your email address and I’ll gladly share.

Happy Wednesday everyone.