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Today’s lunch outing in Ashbourne. Fab place with a great menu and frequently changing specials. They also have a lovely deli. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

This Week

This week has been busy but not frantic, and mostly work related.

I’ve been reading a slightly odd mixture of thrillers and poetry this week. I read ‘Blow Back’ by Brad Thor which was really fast and a fun plot but so pro-American it was painful, maybe just because I’m English but definitely too much flag-waving without any need for it. Once again I had a couple of books out of the library that I didn’t realise were book two in a series. Going to hunt down the first ones before I read them. I’ve had a couple of great books come through the post which I’ll be reading as soon as I get some more time.

On the blog I’ve shared some pictures that I took near my house at various points this year. I also had a chatter about Pinterest and then a little more the next day about business and blogs using Pinterest. I put some links about pinning for businesses on my Jackdaw 19 blog as well as a series of tips on how to blog when you’re short on time.

Today I’m trying to catch up with work that I’m a bit behind on, I normally work over the weekends and take a day off in the week but I had a fantastic day out yesterday walking with some friends (and some friends-of-friends, whom it was lovely to meet) in the Peaks so I’m doing double-time now before Monday.

Happy Mothering Sunday, everyone.

Gull Dive

Hello everyone,
It’s been a very quiet week as I’ve been off on holiday. While I was away I took an awful lot of photographs and posted a couple on my twitter stream (@vclinde). One of a diving gull really did make standing outside for hours, in -7 temperatures, all worth it.
As I’ve already posted a couple I thought I would show the whole sequence on here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes the slideshow feature works really well for images! Hope you like him.


Bonfire Night Pictures

Today I’ve updated the images page to include the photographs I took last weekend on Bonfire Night. Lots of lovely fireworks – I used to go to big displays when I lived in London but we always get a good view from the house here with the benefit of being able to set up the camera in advance!
Here are a few from the slideshow.

Calke Abbey Pictures

I’ve updated the images page to include some of the pictures that I took last week when I visited Calke Abbey. It was a beautiful day and the gardeners were having a bonfire. Calke Abbey is a gorgeous National Trust property near my house, I rarely go into the house having been many times before but I often go to sit in the grounds or explore the garden.
Here are a few of my favourites.