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Varyag Memorial

While driving around in Scotland we kept seeing signs to a Varyag Memorial with Russian (saying presumably the same thing) underneath. After passing the signs many times we decided to go and take a look. The Varyag (кре́йсер “Варя́г”) was a Russian ship named after the Varangian Guard who went through some amazing times and eventually sank off the Ayrshire coast. The memorial is to remember the ship and the men who served on her. You can read a BBC article about the memorial here.


I’ve got quite a collection of squirrel pictures now and being very undecided about what I wanted to put online I decided on squirrel pictures. Little bit odd perhaps but they are damned cute.


Gull Dive

Hello everyone,
It’s been a very quiet week as I’ve been off on holiday. While I was away I took an awful lot of photographs and posted a couple on my twitter stream (@vclinde). One of a diving gull really did make standing outside for hours, in -7 temperatures, all worth it.
As I’ve already posted a couple I thought I would show the whole sequence on here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes the slideshow feature works really well for images! Hope you like him.


This Week

This week I have taken lots of photographs. Some for work (useful to own the copyright on images I use in website building!) and some just because it’s been lovely outside.

I adore the sort of weather that we’re having at the moment, very cold and clear. I love winter but the rain can get a bit tiresome so nice clear blue skies with frost on the ground suits me perfectly.

I have reviewed ‘Everyday and Sunday’ on the Huffington Post blog and ‘Further Adventures in Search of Perfection’ on here.

There has been quite a lot of ‘Brideshead Revisted’ with a Waugh inspired post over here as well as a re-read of that wonderful book. I have also read ‘The Colorado Kid’ by Stephen King and I’m now reading ‘With Red Hands’ by Stephen Woodworth. In between I tried reading several other books but had trouble getting into anything, a common problem with me. I have two or three authors who I can always read and love but otherwise it is very hit and miss.

Something that is of very little interest is that I finally managed to banish my old cell phone and can now call/text people again. Exciting to me at least!

Today I am supposed to be working hard but instead am messing around with photographs and daydreaming. Must work harder!