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Colliding Interests

Once upon a time I was sitting at the kitchen table in my parents house. It was late at night and I had been wanting to write some poetry, simply because I had too many words inside me. I had learned however that this was a terrible time to try and write good poetry – when my brain is too full of words and emotions they tend to turn into pretty awful teenage style poems.

So I did what any reasonable person would. I asked the internet for help. This became the 3RW project.

And here we go again. I want to write some political poems. Is this weird? That’s a genuine question because I just do not know. Both poetry and politics are a huge part of my brain – I have a degree in Politics from QM, London and I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember (since I was six at least). The problem again is that I have too much in my brain and I don’t know where to start. I need to choose an issue, event, topic or theme to work from.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I really want to work on making these two interests come together and I would love to get some outside ideas because, just like before, I feel too close to it at the moment. I would really like to know if anyone has something they would like to see in a poem, if you think it’s a brilliant/terrible idea or if you have a favourite political poet for me to read.

As usual I am on twitter, facebook and email as well as the comments section on here.


p.s. I know some people don’t like talking about politics so if emailing/DMing is better then I’m absolutely fine with that!


Full Poetry Launch

The title of this post makes it sound a little more exciting than it probably is. The introduction period of my poetry sales on Etsy is now over so I’ve launched the final type of poems and have a full set of listing up. I’ll be adding new combinations and making sure that my poetry is in all the right categories but most of the work is done. This means two things: one that the prices are now up at their fixed retail rates and two I can start promoting seriously.

This post is also an explanation of why I’ve not been on the blog much the past couple of weeks – I’ve been staring at the screen so much for Etsy and marketing that everything else has had to go. My mind is incredibly full of ideas and can’t seem to take much extra.

I now have three types of poetry up on Etsy.

A haiku, a standard poem and an ‘after’ poem. All customized, personalized, unique and written by little old me.
Lots and LOTS of work is going into Etsy at the moment, into the listings and marketing my new line. It is work that I enjoy but it’s still hard work and takes a lot of time.

I have actually had a much more positive response than I was expecting, which is lovely. I didn’t think I would even get a sale in the first few weeks but I’ve had great feedback and most people I have spoken to seem to think it’s an idea that can go places.

The other quick mention here is that I am working on a new business plan to integrate the different facets of my business more smoothly so there might be more of a cross-over on here with my business and on my business site with my personal opinions. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. It’s an exciting time, a busy time and lots of fun.

Hope everyone is keeping well!


Spring Poetry

I have not been writing much poetry over the past few weeks, largely because I have had other creative things happening inside my head but I want to try and get a decent chunk of my new collection sorted. It’s important to get a lot of poems written because I want to be able to discard between a third and a half of them when I select the final ones to put together for the finished collection.

I want to end up with around about 45 poems in my ‘About Poetry’ collection and I am planning on getting at least twenty done this month…that’s the aim I gave myself when I signed up to write alongside Kaz Mahoney in one of her famous (well, I think they are) writing groups.

Spring KazNo is explained over on Kaz’s blog. This would also be a good time to let people know that she is an awesome writer and you should really check out her books. This session people are setting their own goals which is lovely because word counts don’t really work with poetry. So I’m planning on five poems a week.

Speaking of which…I need to get cracking. See you all later,


World Poetry Day #2

Yesterday was World Poetry Day and to celebrate I shared one of my poems and said that I would write another. I am writing ‘After Poems’ where I take the theme and structure of a poem I admire and write my own homage to it.

In the end I chose the poem ‘A Chagall Postcard‘ by Peter Porter. I really like his poetry, and of all of the poets that I read a lot of I think my style is naturally most like his. Far less developed but closer than I am to anyone else. He used punctuation and word-play in a similar way to what I try to do. I have also had a major art-crush on Chagall for a very long time. I love all of his work but especially his windows. When I was in Chicago my top priority was getting to see the large mural of his in the centre of town.

So this is what I came up with yesterday as a nod to World Poetry Day, Chagall and Peter Porter.

“The Cry Ascends”

From ‘A Chagall Postcard’ by Peter Porter

Is this truth all that we can have,
The dark palette, the harsh music,
Tucked away in hidden corners,
The circling crows?

Celebrate in nature’s night time,
The changes creep through to be seen,
The painted noise we hide behind,
Left to the cold.

Day and night twist the morning dawn,
The light shines so we cannot touch,
Break the bonds to see promised flaws,
False smiles all around.

I was trying to take inspiration from both the poem and also the painting (it could be several of Chagall’s works but I think I narrowed it down). The idea of useful and the useless and how people interpret that as well as the image of the shrouded bride and one line that I loved from Porter’s poem “Proud lovers end as pallid friends” really stuck with me. I wanted to use ideas of light and dark, shadow and shade both to reinforce the image of a hidden side to the bride and unmentioned groom as well as nod to the art of painting as well. I took the natural and musical elements of the poem and made them more general and then focused into the bride as a person rather than a concept.

I think it needs more work but I always feel that, anyways a poem for World Poetry Day!


Poetry Update

It has now been a very long time since I posted any poetry online. It’s not that I haven’t been writing it, quite the opposite. I haven’t written this much since I was seventeen.

The poetry that I wrote when I was seventeen was uniformly bad. Really, terrible. I had given up on it until very recently when I realised that as I am now a better poet I might be able to take some of my old poems and make them better. So that is what I’ve been doing.

A significant number of them (almost half) were completely useless or had maybe one line I could salvage. The rest of them I am working on at the moment. I think it will take at least four drafts to shift them into something readable. Hopefully each rewrite will make them a little more like the poetry I want to be writing and less like the poetry I hate.

I’ve also been doing something which I love, imitating other poems. I did this once during the 3RW project but didn’t flag it up as such at the time (it was ‘A Dream Vision‘). I’ve done four of these and it is a really interesting way of seeing how other poets work.

It almost goes without saying that I have been writing run-of-the-mill just sit-down-and-write-the-damned-thing poetry as well. Quite a few of those in fact.

So there is a lot of poetry being written but none on the blog. It has taken a long time for me to be happy with the way that I am writing these poems and I am almost at the stage where I would be happy to enter them into competitions again. However, you can’t enter/publish poems that have been published on a blog. Hence not putting anything online at the moment.

I was very happy to put all of my 3RW poems online because that was a learning experience for me and also so many people gave me the ideas over the internet it would have been churlish not to share them on here as well. I don’t for a minute think any of the poems I am writing are good enough to win, but perhaps good enough to enter. To my very great surprise I have had several people (some I’ve never even met/spoken to) asking to see more of my poetry. I have been trying to think of a way of doing it but short of emailing people I am a little stumped. I welcome any ideas. So for now very little poetry will be making its way up here…but I will still be writing it!