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Poetry Update

It has now been a very long time since I posted any poetry online. It’s not that I haven’t been writing it, quite the opposite. I haven’t written this much since I was seventeen.

The poetry that I wrote when I was seventeen was uniformly bad. Really, terrible. I had given up on it until very recently when I realised that as I am now a better poet I might be able to take some of my old poems and make them better. So that is what I’ve been doing.

A significant number of them (almost half) were completely useless or had maybe one line I could salvage. The rest of them I am working on at the moment. I think it will take at least four drafts to shift them into something readable. Hopefully each rewrite will make them a little more like the poetry I want to be writing and less like the poetry I hate.

I’ve also been doing something which I love, imitating other poems. I did this once during the 3RW project but didn’t flag it up as such at the time (it was ‘A Dream Vision‘). I’ve done four of these and it is a really interesting way of seeing how other poets work.

It almost goes without saying that I have been writing run-of-the-mill just sit-down-and-write-the-damned-thing poetry as well. Quite a few of those in fact.

So there is a lot of poetry being written but none on the blog. It has taken a long time for me to be happy with the way that I am writing these poems and I am almost at the stage where I would be happy to enter them into competitions again. However, you can’t enter/publish poems that have been published on a blog. Hence not putting anything online at the moment.

I was very happy to put all of my 3RW poems online because that was a learning experience for me and also so many people gave me the ideas over the internet it would have been churlish not to share them on here as well. I don’t for a minute think any of the poems I am writing are good enough to win, but perhaps good enough to enter. To my very great surprise I have had several people (some I’ve never even met/spoken to) asking to see more of my poetry. I have been trying to think of a way of doing it but short of emailing people I am a little stumped. I welcome any ideas. So for now very little poetry will be making its way up here…but I will still be writing it!