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How to do well on Twitter – Part Two

This is part two to my previous post because it got a little bit too long to all go into one. Part one can be found over here.

What Not To Do:
1. Be deliberately argumentative, it doesn’t work in 140 characters and Twitter is rarely the place for it
2. Use bad language – swearing, sensitive words, think of your audience
3. Writing emotive statements with no context “It’s so exciting!!!” and then not following up (as an extra one here, few things annoy me personally more than multiple exclamation/question marks)
4. Auto-Direct Messages when someone follows you back, especially if there is a plug for something you sell or other social media outlets there.
5. Using lots of numbers or underscores in your name. It makes is hard to remember when replying and looks like spam.
6. Don’t use four tweets all at once to say something. Be concise. It’s 140 for a reason. It’s okay to do this occasionally but should mostly be avoided.
7. Lots of long personal conversations in the timeline, instead try to switch to DMs. (Holding my hand up – on my personal account this is the one I’m most guilty of but I am trying to stop!)
8. Don’t hog the hashtags. This is a rare one but some people add the favourite hashtag of the day to unrelated tweets – annoying to everyone.
9. Asking for Re-Tweets and follows all the time. Occasional asks for charities are generally fine but begging people to help you advertise is frowned upon when it becomes a regular feature.
10. Bragging and oversharing. These two seem to go together, if you’ve done something amazing then share it but overshared bragging gets very irritating, very quickly.

And a few things that you should do…
1. Be an active promoter of other people’s work, make recommendations or highlight people and companies you would refer
2. Help people out, answer questions and queries if you are able
3. Keep an eye on your own feed, read back over it occasionally to see how an outsider would view it
4. If you own a business, use Twitter to promote discounts or run a Twitter-only competition
5. Try to leave a little room at the end of a tweet so you can be re-tweeted without shortening the message, 125-130 characters is a good guide.

I hope these two lists have been helpful to people. I’ll keep posting a few of the more popular business posts from my old site over here!


How to do well on Twitter – Part One


I first posted this as a series of Social Media and Web Service posts on my business blog but since I combined my websites all together a lot of the business posts got lost along the way so I’m re-posting my favourites.

Rather than focusing on what you should be doing on Twitter it is much simpler to get used to the things that lose you followers or make you unpopular and from that point most things are positive.
This list is split into two posts because it got a bit too long, I asked people for their dos and don’ts online and along with my own this became a rather extensive list. I’ve also added a few tips for good behaviour on Twitter at the end as well!

You can really very simply summarise what not to do on Twitter by saying; don’t be rude, pushy or cruel. However, this means lots of things to lots of people and there are many little things that some people may not even know are annoying their followers so here’s the list of things that I believe are the most annoying things to do on Twitter:

What Not To Do:
1. Re-tweeting one account too much.
2. Over-advertise yourself, it’s boring and you’ll lose followers.
3. Using lots of capitals letters, especially randomly throughout messages
4. Direct Messaging people with sales pitches, it’s almost never welcome and not very productive.
5. Using the ‘Egg’ picture that Twitter gives you before you add your own, you look like a spammer.
6. Cramming your tweets all into one period and then say nothing for a long time – splurge tweeting.
7. Follow-backs are the first thing most people complain about on twitter, don’t expect someone to follow you right back, they will if they want to and don’t follow people just for a follow back, that’s not the point of Twitter.
8. Having a blank profile. Be open in your profile, you don’t need to share lots of personal information but putting something down shows you are a real person/company not a spammer.
9. Thanking everyone who follows you, especially in the main timeline – it’s really tedious and often goes into splurge tweeting again.
10. Using text-speak and too many emoticons. Yeuch.
11. Re-tweeting part of a series of tweets so it makes no sense even if it is the best to RT if you’ve read all of them.
12. Follow and un-follow and re-follow and un-follow – it’s just plain rude.
13. Telling someone you sent them a DM or Email, if they are on Twitter they probably are capable of checking their emails and it seems pushy.
14. Over-integration of other social networks. Make sure you want to share on multiple networks, especially if your followers overlap between them.
15. Being mean. This sounds simple but everything seems much harsher when coming in 140-character bursts over the internet, it’s much easier to be hurtful than you might think. If in doubt just don’t say it.

And a few things that you should do…
1. Keep a balance of business and personal information
2. Share things that you think will be interesting
3. Join in conversations, that’s what Twitter should be about
4. Follow people you find interesting and want to hear more about
5. Use Twitter’s functions, such as lists to make the most of it

Part two of this list will be coming soon!


National Poetry Day

I have complained before (and at length) about how much I wish I could post poems online without disqualifying them from poetry competitions and submissions. So today, for National Poetry Day, I decide to write something just for the internet. I won’t be able to share it anywhere else but I can put it up on the blog and over on my own custom poetry site as well.

Throughout the day I tweeted and posted to Facebook lots of little bits of the poem as it was written so that people could follow along. If you have a look at Twitter or Facebook I’ve also popped some short poems up there that I scattered around the internets today.

This year’s theme for National Poetry Day was ‘Stars’ and so I took and idea that had been buzzing around inside my head for a little while about relationships and constellations and made it into a full poem. Here goes…


The lines on my palm map
out uncharted constellations.
A future written just for me
and those crossing my path.

Roads of our journey held close.
Run parallel and near enough
to reach out to you. And touch.
A sense we can’t keep –

forever but as all senses fade
we build on our memory –
that is mine. You don’t get it
back when you leave.

Swans dance between my fingers
and a dragon’s tail crosses the
old story of vanity and child,
watched by hunted bears.

Lay down, eyes fly upwards
where the twins dance and
fish are free to swim high
in the field among heroes

I waited to hold your hand
and when you let go of me
to jump the tracks and run
I sat still, empty handed…

except for the stars we had
drawn there, marked in my
hold. They mostly hide, out
of sight, but I still feel them.

I hope everyone had the chance to do a little something to celebrate National Poetry Day. It’s very close to my heart. I’ve had a great time posting as I write and hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.


This Week

This week’s been a busy week online and offline.

On this blog I posted a series of pictures from my fab walk last weekend in Monsal Dale, and then for World Poetry Day I put up one of my poems from my new ‘After Poetry’ collection that I am building, as well as writing one on the day which I posted later.

Then, very happily, Pinterest changed their terms! They had listened and changed, which I really appreciated. So I spent a lot of yesterday pinning new things onto my boards that I had been shying away from until it all got sorted out.

I’ve read a lot, mostly thrillers again. I read ‘Sister’ by Rosamond Lupton which I’m still undecided about, it was okay but not gripping enough really. On the other hand ‘Nightfall’ by Stephen Leather was brilliant, and I raced through it, I plan on getting the next very soon. I had wanted to read ‘The Fear Index’ for a while but it took a little time to come through from the library, I wasn’t expecting great things but my goodness it was one of the worst books I can remember reading. I managed to get another Sean Black book, ‘Deadlock’ which I didn’t like quite as much as ‘Lockdown’ but still enjoyed a lot. I finally got my hands on a James Barrington to read and decided to read the prequel of his Paul Richter series ‘Manhunt’ first, loved this one as well and I’ve ordered the real first in the series to read. I think I might need to read some non-fiction or something really different as my head is full of Russian spies and murder and guns.

On my business blog I was talking about what not to do (and a little of what you should do) on Twitter, and the second part of that is coming up tomorrow. I’m also working at the moment on getting everything sorted in my business schedule – for me that means staring at pieces of paper and getting confused. Good fun! I am looking this coming week at selling a lot of my art and jewellery wholesale as well so there will be a post on here very soon about what’s happening there.

I hope the sun is shining with you, we’ve got a lovely day here.